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Nuada Silverhand
General Information
Real name: Nuada Silverhand
First Appearance: Aquaman #1
(February, 1986)
Created by: Neal Pozner
Craig Hamilton
Affiliations: Conclave of Twelve
Abilities: Elemental Sorcery

Nuada Silverhand is an Atlantean sorceress and ally to Aquaman.


Nuada Silverhand was the King of the undersea Atlantean city of Thierna Na Oge. Several years ago, her ambitious sister, Eochaid Bres, conducted a coup against Nuada and with the aid of the Conclave of Twelve, succeeded in ousting Nuada from her throne. She sentenced her to die at the hands of a creature known as Sreng of the Firbolg. Nuada survived her encounter with Sreng, but at the cost of her right arm. The Atlantean physician Diancecht replaced the missing limb, with a mystically cybernetic organism made of silver. Nuada began referring to herself as Nuada Silverhand.

Soon after, Nuada met the former monarch of all of Atlantis, Aquaman. Aquaman pledged himself towards helping Nuada and together they escaped from the newly crowned King Bres' dungeons.

During this time, the Ocean Master had been acquiring the twelve Zodiac Crystals of ancient Atlantis. One of the crystals was housed within an artifact known as the Lia Fail. The Lia Fail served as the symbol of office for the king of Thierna Na Oge. Nuada used her knowledge of the mystic arts to aid Aquaman in his fight against the Ocean Master. After recovering the stolen Lia Fail, Nuada returned to Thierna Na Oge and deposed King Bres, thereby taking her rightful place as the city's monarch.

Nuada continued to work with Aquaman in indoctrinating the citizens of Thierna Na Oge into modern Atlantean society

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Atlantean Physiology
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Elemental Sorcery


  • Nuada was named for Nuada, a noted king from Celtic Irish mythology. Like his comic book namesake, Nuada was the ruler of the Tuatha De Danann.
  • The ruling monarch of Thierna Na Oge is commonly referred to as King regardless of their gender.

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