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General Information
Real name: Narkran
First Appearance: Aquaman #41 (October, 1968)
Created by: Steve Skeates
Jim Aparo
Affiliations: Atlantis
Abilities: Underwater Breathing

Narkran was Aquaman's first deputy and was left in charge while the King searched for his missing wife, Mera.


A crestfallen Aquaman returns to Atlantis. It has been nearly a week since his wife, Queen Mera, was abducted. To date, his search for her has been fruitless. The only clue he has to her abductor's identity is the image of a ring with a five-sided stone. Aquaman consults with Narkran, his first deputy and the man he left in charge of Atlantis during his absence. There has been no ransom demand. No word at all about Mera.

While Aquaman searches for his wife, Narkran becomes a tyrannical ruler.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Underwater Breathing

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