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Arion's gemstone, also known as the Amulet of Arion, is a mystical Atlantean artifact.


The gemstone is a piece of the Negative Gemstone within Darkworld created by Jheryl as a gift to Arion.

Arion's entire physical being had since then transformed into the energy of a star as well as his soul was stored within it by his father, Calculha, and brought onto Earth. Guiding the then-blinded warrior Wyynde, the Atlantean lieutenant managed to reach a pyramid where the former conclave of Atlantis's mage representatives once convened. Once he brought the gemstone to the top of the summit, the magical gemstone reacted and resurrected Arion, whose rebirth gave sight back to Wyynde. The gemstone then appeared onto the Mantle of the Savior, being part of the set Arion was destined to wear.


Connection to the Negative Gemstone: The gemstone itself is a piece of the fabled Negative Gemstone of Darkworld and as such, possess the magical energy of Darkworld. It can only be accessed by those who possess innate magic, as Arion was unable to access it until the fabric of magic within him was modified by the Weaver. It can also grant the wearer an expression of Darkworld's magic known as the "Mystic Eye".

Magical Repository: The gemstone can be imbued with magical energy and act as a source of arcane power.

Protective Defenses: The gemstone possess a web of mystic defenses that prevents others from normally accessing it's repertoire of magical energies deep within it and disrupt it's link to Arion. Only Dark Majistra proved skilled enough to bypass it with her dark magic.

Special Link to Arion: The gemstone possess a special link to Arion and his current state of being, fairly assessing the level of magical power he possess inately and is also retains a special connection to the robes made for him, the Mantle of the Savior. It also faciliated a mean of resurrection on Earth.

  • Solar Conversion: Prior to losing his magics being derived from solar energy, the gemstone retain the capability of converting solar energy directed into the gem into magic for Arion to utilize.
  • Magic Shields: While worn by Arion even when depowered himself, the gemstone is capable of protecting him from damage such as shells unleashed by Squad K.