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Commander Murk is the commanding officer of the Kingsguard and Drift as well as a former loyalist of King Orm who once led the Men-Of-War.[2][1]


Earlier Life

Murk trained in the Fire Pits was the only one to have emerged from them alive, presumably physically scarred due to it's intensity. He would later become leader of the Men-Of-War, the frontline army of Atlantis, and would have embarked on various missions alongside King Orm. He saved his life numerous times, including from Fire Trolls and the Deep Six.[1]

Throne of Atlantis

After Orm's imprisonment in Belle Reve and Arthur's return to the Throne of Atlantis, Murk accompanied Aquaman on a mission to stop Captain Moller who was whaling with an Atlantean weapon. Murk wanted to kill Moller and his crew so that he wouldn't be able to whale again but Arthur told him to stop and that the crew would be arrested by the authorities. Dane Dorrance of the Sea Devils then confront Aquaman about his involvement in the attempted sinking of Boston and the war against the Atlanteans. He gets too close to the King of Atlantis and is shot away by Murk who is then scolded for his actions.[1]

Death of A King

Sea of Storms


Out of Darkness


The Drowning

Black Manta Rising

Crown of Atlantis


The Crown Comes Down


Manta vs Machine



As an Atlantean, he possess the typical biologal adaptation to the depths of the sea that grants him superhuman speed, strength, stamina, reflexes, and durability, resistance to heat and energy and enhanced senses that gives the more acute hearing and can see deep in the ocean depth.[3]

Murk is a expert combatant, having proficiencies in hand-to-hand combat and Atlantean weaponry.[1]


In other media

DC Extended Universe

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