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General Information
Real name: Mupo
First Appearance: Aquaman #46 (August, 1969)
Created by: Jim Aparo
Steve Skeates
Affiliations: Atlantis
Abilities: Underwater breathing

Mupo led a rebellion against Narkran.


Mupo slowly built his forces, and planned to strike and overthrow the tyrant, Narkran. Aquagirl pleaded with Mupo to consider the lives that will be lost during an insurrection, but Mupo would not be swayed. Soon enough, the revolution would come to Atlantis. The insurrection gained momentum. Identified as a possible rebel collaborator, Aquagirl was arrested by the Atlantean authorities amd taken before Narkran. She found herself being forced, at sword point, out onto the palace balcony. Narkran ordered the revolutionaries to lay down their arms or Aquagirl dies. Having developed an emotional attachment to Aquagirl, in the weeks leading up to the revolution, Mupo prepared to surrender.

Mupo's decision was challenged by one of the rebels, and the two men began fighting. Mupo was put down by his brother-in-arms. The rebels stormed the castle. Outraged by the siege, Narkran's grip on Aquagirl slipped, and the teen heroine attempted to flee. Narkran reacted quicker than Aquagirl anticipated, and ran her through with his sword, sending the girl plummeting from the balcony parapet. Mupo recovered in time to see Aquagirl fall to the sea floor. Horrified at the severity of her wound, Mupo turned Aquagirl over to the learned Vulko, for care taking. With his blood boiling, Mupo stormed the palace, and violently confronted Narkran. The Atlantean despot shrank back in terror, as the rebel leader began, mercilessly, beating him. It looked as though the revolution would soon be over. A sudden seaquake allowed Narkran to gain the advantage, but it was fleeting. Soon enough, Mupo had the despot at his mercy. Aquaman, Mera and Aqualad arrived in Atlantis. The mere appearance of the true king was enough to quiet the violence in the streets.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Underwater Breathing

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