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General Information
Real name: Mongo
First Appearance: Aquaman #30 (December, 1966)
Created by: Nick Cardy
Affiliations: Necrus
Abilities: Underwater Breathing
Portrayed by: None

Mongo is the tyrant ruler of Necrus, the "Black City". Mongo has great disdain for surface dwellers, who he feels have no place below the waves.


Mongo rules over the underwater city, Necrus, known as the "Black City". Mongo takes an aggressive stance against all incursions into the sea by surface dwellers. Once going so far, as to order his soldiers to massacre the inhabitants of a peaceful scientific colony, established by land dwellers. Mongo believes that the oceans belong to those who breathe water, and considers all others to be invaders. Invaders that must be destroyed. Mongo once tried to forge an alliance with Atlantis, to form a unified front against the surface world. Aquaman refused him, believing the sea was more than large enough for everyone. Mongo imprisoned the King of Atlantis for his refusal, then gathered his forces to lay siege to Atlantis. His forces were routed by Aquaman, Aqualad, Mera, and the Atlanteans. Mongo was able to escape back to Necrus, moments before the "Black City", once again, faded away. To date, neither Mongo, nor Necrus, have returned.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Underwater Breathing

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