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Drillers 09
General Information
Founder(s): N/A
Leader(s): King Adnamar
Current Members: None named
Former Members: None named
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Underground Cavern

The Mole-Men are a subterranean race of highly evolved mutants. Their realm is many miles below the ocean floor. King Adnamar once told Aquaman that they lived at the "centre of the Earth."


Under King Adnamar's reign, the Mole-Men sent an invasion fleet of Bore Craft to Atlantis. Half the fleet was destroyed by Aquaman and Aqualad and the remainder of the fleet was recalled in defeat.



  • The Mole-Men were first seen in Superman and the Mole-Men (1951). They were originally created by screenwriter Robert Maxwell and then resurrected by Dennis Marks for their appearance in "The Deadly Drillers."