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The Mermazons were a group of Atlantean warrior women similar to that of the Amazons.[1]


Long ago, the Mermazons were proud Atlantean warrior women whom were gifted the weapon known as the Sporting Snare by the goddess, Pallas. Though it brought food whenever thrown, the enchanted weapon proved to be cursed, making those who would use it as a weapon of power instead of it's intended purpose would starve the user. This major drawback of the weapon eventually led to the destruction of the Mermazons.[1]

The Sporting Snare weapon was eventually discovered in the 21st Century by Aquaman, whom took it and placed it in a museum, allowing it to be misidentified as a Themysciran weapon under the name "The Tether of Amphitrite" though had the artifact monitored. Black Manta came upon the weapon, having information of it's true history and sought to use it against Aquaman. When he intervened and used the weapon, Manta learned of it's cursed nature form Aquaman before being taken away. Aquaman returned the weapon to it's original place, believing it to be better hidden in hindsight.[1]


Known to be proud Atlantean warriors, the Mermazons consisted of women. Most notably, their prized treasure was the Sporting Snare, with the Mermazons protecting it. However, the cursed weapon led to it's eventual destruction due to it's cursed nature.[1]


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