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Mera Smallville
General Information
Real name: Mera
Media: Smallville
Portrayed by: Elena Satine



Mera is an Atlantean Native and Arthur Curry's wife. At some point several months ago, Arthur Curry met the woman known only as Mera, during which he not only discovered but with her help also accepts his origins as Orin, the future King of the Seven Seas. Although at first Arthur was uncertain of Mera, they eventually fell in love, became partners and were married.

Season Ten[]

Mera Elena Satine-2

Wife of Aquaman.

Soon after their marriage, Arthur and Mera discovered that Slade Wilson was building prisons for super-heroes following the passing of the "Vigilante Registration Act" and destroyed one of them. Clark Kent went to confront Arthur about this, but Mera, deeming him a threat, knocked him aside with her hydrokinesis. As Clark and Arthur went off to investigate Slade's operation further (resulting in Arthur being kidnapped), Mera was confronted by Lois Lane, who was trying to help Clark. At first, Mera deemed Lois a lesser being compared to herself, Arthur, Oliver Queen and Clark, until Lois managed to help them save Arthur with information on the prisons. Mera managed to rescue Oliver and Arthur. Later, before leaving town with Arthur, Mera apologized to Lois and admitted that she is a worthy partner of equal standing for someone like Clark. She also complimented Clark for being the perfect "patriot", being an example for the people instead of acting against those who rebel against them.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Hydrokinesis: Mera is able to control water. She demonstrated this ability when she propelled herself through the water onto a fortress. She later demonstrated this when she knocked Clark Kent into a pool with a jet of water, and was able to break a tank holding Oliver Queen and make the water flow over Arthur Curry, who was chained on the other side of the room.
  • Healing Factor: Mera, when exposed to water, can recover from any injury.
  • Enhanced Underwater Breathing: Mera, much like her husband Arthur, can breathe underwater for long periods of time.
  • Swimming at Super Speed: Mera can swim very fast in water.
  • Super Strength: Mera, when exposed to water, is very strong.
  • Super Durability: Mera, much like her husband Arthur, while exposed to water or while submerged in water, becomes highly resistant to pain and harm, and can maintain consciousness and operate in very cold waters.


  • If deprived of water or exposed to significant heat such as heating lamps, the heat will dry out her skin.

Physical Appearance[]

Mera Elena Satine


Mera is a beautiful woman, with a curvaceous figure and not remotely shy about it. She has long red hair, and a somewhat heartshaped face, often wearing a snide and impish sort of smile. While in combat she wears a black and green wetsuit with short pant legs that exposes her cleavage, but in normal situations, she wears a green swimsuit.


Mera is a very strong woman with a sense of justice, which in fact led her to fall in love with Arthur upon seeing his own commitment and dedication to justice. Mera also seems to have a heightened sense of arrogance about both herself and Arthur. She has no issue name dropping Arthur's full title as King of Atlantis, nor does she have issue talking down to Lois and insulting her relationship with Clark. She does however seem capable of realizing her mistakes in judgment and is able to apologize to Lois without problem. She also has very little modesty and had no qualms in getting naked in Lois' presence.



Series Ten[]

  • "Patriot"


  • Mera has the unique ability to form "hard water" objects with her hydrokinesis.
  • Her appearance on Smallville is the first live-action appearance of the character.


  • In the comics Mera's clothing color mostly consist of green.
  • Mera's swimwear in this episode is a nod to her usual appearance in the comics a traditional Atlantean green costume also while it didn't appear in this episode Mera usually wears a golden starfish tiara.
  • Mera is the Queen of Atlantis ruling alongside her husband Arthur with strength and virtue.

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