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This article contains information from the Prime Earth continuity, which is currently the primary official continuity of DC Comics.

Mera is a native of Xebel raised as an assassin and princess of the Atlantena rival kingdom sent to hunt down the future monarch of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, Arthur Curry. Falling in love with him, the two of them would establish themselves a powerful duo as she would pave the way for her being a super hero and the eventual queen of Atlantis.[2][1]


Character's personality

Note: The information displayed under are from official sources and as such, are subjected to change.

  • Raised in Xebel, Mera once harbored her people's hatred for Atlantis until she met Aquaman and has since struggled with reconciling her hatred for a time.[2] Mera also possess a quick temper, having landed her in trouble with surface-dwelling authorities on occasion[2] and believes them to often be undeserving of Aquaman's care and love for them.[3]
  • Despite her reservations, she shares the same dream of achieving peace between the surface world and Atlantis, establishing herself as a protector of both land and ocean. Like her husband, she works with the Justice League and earns their respect and friendship.[3][2][1]
  • According to Kelly Sue DeConnick's opinions and characterization of Mera, Mera's character (during the timeframe of Echoes of a Life Lived Well storyline) is short-tempered, practical, strong, and considers her more of a "hawk" than Aquaman and her more rougher while Aquaman has a "gentler strength" in comparison. During her reign, she became disillusion of the Atlantan monarchy overtime, recognizing it as a problem and worked to abolish it.[4]



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As with all Atlanteans, she shares their basic physiological adaptation to the depths of the sea that grants Atlanteans superhuman speed, strength, reflexes, stamina, and durability as well as resistance to heat and energy and enhanced senses that gives the more acute hearing and can see deep in the ocean depth. Her most notable power is her incredible water manipulation powers, able to telepathically create solid water constructs and shape for lethal effect. She is also an incredibly fast swimmer.[2][1]

Mera is also a very skilled hand-to-hand combatant, having been trained since childhood and is also a skilled assassin.[2]



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