Telepathy is the ability to communicate with others using only the power of the mind. Some alien races, such as Martians, possess this ability as a natural extension of the powers common to all Martians. In some cases, certain restrictions may apply to an individual's ability to harness this power. Some telepaths may only be able to speak to specific lifeforms. In the case of Aquaman, his telepathy was once limited to marine-based lifeforms including fish and some mammals such as whales and dolphins. As he grew older, Aquaman was able to increase the range of his telepathy to include land-based mammals as well as human beings. Elementals may communicate telepathically with beings that correspond to their respective elements. Swamp Thing for example, can communicate with vegetative lifeforms, but cannot communicate telepathically with other lifeforms. In the 30th-31st century, humanoids from the moon of Titan possess telepathic capabilities. Some mystics may develop telepathic powers, but such gifts work under the rules of magic, and may function differently from that of standard telepathy. Those with enhanced levels of telepathy may also possess the ability exert their will over another person's mind.

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