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Marine Marauder
General Information
Real name: Simmonds (Last name revealed)
First Appearance: Adventure Comics Vol 1 #549 (Janeiro, 1977)
Created by: Steve Skeates
Jim Aparo
Affiliations: Marine Marauder II (Sister)
Abilities: Expert Engineer
Hand to Hand Combatant (Basic)
Average Strength
Portrayed by: None


Simmonds was a brilliant marine biologist, obsessed with discovering the principles of the telepathic control of marine life. To discover it he created a Telepathic Sending Device and created a new identity to start his career as a pirate.

With an army of marine animals, the Marauder attacked ships escorted by NATO, which were transporting drugs to Europe, he and his army sank the ship steal the cargo. Aquaman and Mera are contacted by Flash about the crime and together they go to stop Marauder. When they arrive Marauder and his army were attacking another cargo ship, Aquaman realises that the animals are being controlled telepathically. Meanwhile, Mera faces a whale but ends up being eaten, so Aquaman tries to use his telepathy to stop the animals, but it was too late for the ship which sunk. Aquaman saves Mera, but Marauder escapes.

Aquaman and Mera follow him to his hideout, Marauder is warned of their arrival by a school of dolphins that he used as his guards. Fearing arrest, he sends a whale on a collision course with the ship to destroy the drugs, giving him time to escape. Aquaman made a lot of mental effort, to finally get control and saves the drugs as well.

Simmonds escapes and is never seen again.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Genius Level Intellect


  • Expert Engineer
  • Hand to Hand Combatant (Basic)
  • Expert Marine Biologist



  • Telepathic Sending Device:This device establishes a telepathic link with marine animals and can control them ona larger scale than aquaman's powers and the device creates waves that interfere with the sonar for ships and animals
  • Diving Suit