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YJ Manta-Men
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Appearances: Young Justice

Manta-Men are Black Manta's henchmen.


Young Justice[]

In "Downtime", Black Manta brought several squads of his men to the Atlantean capital to steal a starfish-like creature from the Science Center.

Young Justice: Invasion[]

In "Alienated", Manta brought a group of Manta-men with him in the Manta-flyer to retrieve Kroloteans. Guards were abundant in the island base, but they were no match for the combined Justice League and Team strike force. Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl and Robin took down multiple Manta-men with ease. Upon learning that a bomb has been planted in the complex, Manta ordered a tactical retreat. The Manta-Men escaped in the Manta-flyer before the bomb exploded.

In "Depths", the Manta-Men played an important role in the assault of Ferris Aircraft's Earth-Mars communication satellite. One squad manned the underwater cannon, and one stormed the beach. The squads were beaten back, however, but the rocket was destroyed by a bomb Black Manta had placed on board earlier.


Young Justice[]

  • "Downtime"

Young Justice: Invasion[]

  • "Alienated"
  • "Depths"

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