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This article contains information from the Prime Earth continuity, which is currently the primary official continuity of DC Comics.

Magic is a natural, primal force capable of influencing events and beings without recourse to the physical realm.[1]


Origin of Magic[]

Existing since the dawn of time, magic was raw and had surrounded the still forming multiverse. Though the domain in which it surrounded would later be named the Sphere of the Gods, it's early beginning happened before the known existence of gods. Two beings were then created within this region of the multiverse; the girl who would later be known as Hecate and Upside-Down Man, whom resided and was tied to the Dark Multiverse. Fearing the being's power, Hecate formed a barrier between the Multiverse and the Dark Multiverse to prevent it's influence onto her residing region of the Multiverse.mEventually, she would accept a place within the Gods of Olympus and took the hand of Greek god, Hades. She was accepted into the Olympian's belief system and while Zeus recognized her as a superior, he along with the rest of the pantheon expected her to adhere to their vision. However, there were some men and women who recognized Hecate's greater power and sought to supplant themselves as beings capable of enforce their own version of order. Mimicking the incantations witnessed from her visits, they managed to summon and bound her. Torturing her with their demands, Hecate hoped that her adopted pantheon would come to rescue her. Ultimately, she was betrayed when Hades came to give a simple message: he had found a new bride in the form of Persephone and that the Gods of Olympus no longer recognized her as one of their own.[2]

Angered at such betrayal, she felt the very presence of the Upside-Down Man for the first time in an eternity. With all her might and fury, she reached through the veil of the Multiverse and into the Dark Multiverse, pulling a piece of that form of magic and bestowed that onto those whom subjugated them. Although she fulfilled their wishes, she had given them magic from a darker source that would corrode and destroy them from the inside. Those beings would become the Lords of Order. Her betrayal would also cause her to take on a new aspect of herself, the Crone (her hatred incarnate) and unleashed this form of magic to mankind.[2]


Types of magic wielders[]

  • Magician (class)
  • Sorcerer (class)
  • Magic Blood (class)
  • Champion (class)
  • Guardians (class)
  • Archemage (class)
  • Judges (class)

Renown magic wielders[]

Renown arcane objects[]

Otherworldy magic dimensions[]

List of magics[]

  • Atlantean magic
  • Atlantean defense magic
  • Black magic
  • Blood magic
  • Chaos magic
  • Demonic magic
  • Coral-form manipulation
  • Death-Magic
  • Hybrid magic
  • Logomancy
  • Necromancy
  • Poseidon's blessings
  • White magic
  • Sigil


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