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This article contains information from the Prime Earth continuity, which is currently the primary official continuity of DC Comics.

Lucia, known by the alias Lucia Hyde on the surface, is the Xebellian daughter of renown artist, Lokua[2], and former lover of Black Manta who bore his son, the super-hero known as Aqualad.[1]


Earlier life[]

Lucia's history with Black Manta.

The daughter of poet Lokua, Lucia lived in Xebel but longed for a life outside the realm. One day, she would meet a mysterious air breather who was hunting for an ancient Atlantean weapon of mass destruction, the Black Pearl. Needing a Xebellian to find the artifact, he seduced Lucia with supposed feelings of love and promised a life with her as soon as he finished his mission. Unknown to her, however, he did not intend to keep his end of the bargain. Knowing the location of the grave of Madame Langrock, she led him to it but switched the necklace that contained the real map to the weapon's location. Upon finding it as a fake, he attacked Lucia in rage and nearly killed her before escaping, though he was unaware she kept the real necklace on her and their brief relationship led to the siring of a son.[3] Due to her actions in helping Black Manta, a known terrorist to Xebel authorities, the Xebellian Royal Family forced her father to disown her as punishment for her actions.[2]

Teen Titans: Rise of Aqualad[]

Aquaman: The Becoming[]



Like all Xebellians, Lucia's powers include biological adaptation to the depths of the sea that grants Atlanteans superhuman speed, strength, and durability as well as enhanced senses that gives the more acute hearing and can see deep in the ocean depth.[4] Lucia possess the power of Aquakinesis and as such, she is able to control and bend water into shapes, create hard-water, and is proficient enough to create humanoid figures and weaponry with her water constructs.[1] She also possessed some combat skills, using hard-water constructs as weapons.[3]



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