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Lori Lemaris
Lori Lemaris YJ-1
General Information
Real name: Lori Lemaris
Portrayed by: Kath Soucie
Appearances: Young Justice

Lori Lemaris is a student at the Conservatory of Sorcery in Atlantis.


Young Justice[]

In "Downtime", at the Conservatory of Sorcery, Lori attempted to perform a translation spell, but was afterwards uncertain whether it had worked.

In Young Justice #14: "Under the Surface...", Lori was at the Conservatory when Kaldur'ahm arrived with his friends Miss Martian and Superboy. She was flattered when Miss Martian mentioned she liked mermaids, and changed her legs into a tail.

Lori and her friends confronted Ronal, whom they accused of being purists and responsible for an attack on Topo. She was quite certain of it, and was quite angry at them.

In Young Justice #15: "...Here There be Monsters", with the other students, Lori Lemaris came to Aqualad's aide when they were ambushed by purists. For the most part, she had to keep the purists away from King Sha'ark, who wanted to eat some.

Ocean-Master's magic weakened her, though she had more strength left in her than La'gaan, Sha'ark and Blubber. She insisted on helping bringing Ocean-Master down, because if only Garth and Tula fought, the purist would still have some small victory.

She joined the battle with Ocean-Master, but could not do much damage. Ocean-Master was eventually forced to retreat.

After Ronal was pardoned for his complicity in the abduction of Queen Mera, Lori argued with King Sha'ark, who wanted to eat him.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Underwater Breathing
  • Magic


Young Justice[]

  • "Downtime"
  • Young Justice #14: "Under the Surface..."
  • Young Justice #15: "...Here There be Monsters"

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