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Lord Ragnar
Lord Ragnar
General Information
Real name: Ragnar
First Appearance: Aquaman #38 (April, 1968)
Created by: Nick Cardy
Bob Haney
Affiliations: Atlantis
Abilities: Underwater breathing

Lord Ragnar was once the Captain of the Atlantean Guard. He attempted to usurp the Atlantean throne, by first having the king declared a criminal, then by trying to kill the entire Royal Family.


Lord Ragnar once served as Captain of the Atlantean Guard, under Aquaman's reign. Unbeknownst to the King, Lord Ragnar was also the masked marauder who carried out several raids on Atlantis. When the Liquidator came to Atlantis, looking to mete out its own brand of justice on the marauder, Lord Ragnar conceived of a scheme that would allow him to escape the Liquidator's punishment. Lord Ragnar took to wearing a silver helmet which shielded his guilty thoughts from the Liquidator's detection sensors. The helmet also allowed Lord Ragnar to redirect those thoughts into the mind of another. Lord Ragnar transferred his notions of wrongdoing to Aquaman. The telepathic transference deranged Aquaman, causing the King to first act erratically,then, later, in a more wild criminal fashion. The Liquidator zeroed in on Aquaman's evil thoughts and pursued him outside of Atlantis. Aqualad and Mera, refusing to believe the King guilty of the Liquidator's accusations, departed the city to try to help Aquaman. With the Royal Family out of Atlantis, Lord Ragnar saw an opportunity to seize the throne. With the citizens of Atlantis gathered before him, Lord Ragnar cast the Royal Family as criminals in the eyes of Atlantis. He declared himself the new ruler of Atlantis, and set about consolidating his power base.

To ensure that the Royal Family would never return to Atlantis, Lord Ragnar warned the Liquidator that Queen Mera and Aqualad had sided with their King. The Liquidator vowed to punish all who stood with the guilty. Aquaman and Aqualad witnessed Lord Ragnar's rendezvous with the Liquidator. Eavesdropping on their conversation, Aquaman learned that Lord Ragnar had usurped his place as ruler of Atlantis. It also became quickly apparent that Lord Ragnar's long years of service and loyalty had been a ruse, to cover his treasonous ambitions. Aquaman again fell under the sway of the helmet's power, and lashed out at the Liquidator. Aqualad, instead, pursued Lord Ragnar. Aqualad managed to remove the silver helmet from Lord Ragnar's head. The telepathic transference cut, Aquaman instantly regained his senses. His thoughts no longer shielded from the Liquidator, Lord Ragnar became the target for the automaton's punishment. Lord Ragnar used his blaster to bring down the canyon walls on the Liquidator, burying it under tons of rock and debris. Lord Ragnar, however, would not escape from Aquaman. The King of the Sea summoned a legion of sharks, that he set upon Lord Ragnar, gruesomely executing the Atlantean traitor.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Underwater Breathing

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