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Arion and Chian from Arion Lord of Atlantis 30 Cover

Arion served notably as Lord High Mage during his heyday in ancient Atlantis circa 45,000 years ago.

The Lord High Mage (also called a Court Mage) was a ancient, high-ranking title and authority given to a Atlantean mage whom was entrusted to work alongside the monarch of Atlantis in dealing in situations relating to the supernatural. It is one of the highest ranks able to be attained in the Atlantean hierarchy, being third in authority from the ruling monarch of Atlantis and their aide. Lord High Mages are addressed with the "Lord" honorific.[1]

Arion is, perhaps, the most notable mage to have held the position.[1] Using his mother's magical abilities, Garn Daanuth once mind controlled the populace of Atlantis and usurped the role for a time.[1]


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