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General Information
Real name: Lemur
First Appearance: Aquaman #8 (April, 1963)
Created by: Nick Cardy
Affiliations: Phrygia
Abilities: Flight
Portrayed by: None

Lemur is an alien from planet Phrygia.


Phrygia was almost destroyed by a "rogue sun" which evaporated all its water. The Phrygians were facing extinction so they financed a space expedition supposed to locate other water-covered planets. If successful they should transport said water back to Phrygia. The captain of the expedition was Lemur, Syx was a crew member.

Lemur led his expedition to Earth, starting to drain various lakes and then moving to the oceans. He knew this would doom the sentient race(s) of Earth to extinction but couldn't care less. Syx was strongly opposed to the idea of genocide so stole one the expedition's ships and led his own expedition with Aquaman and Aqualad. He led them to the supposedly uninhabited planet Oceanus which contained enough water for Phrygia's needs.

Oceanus was actually inhabited, by various non-sentient races of monsters. They managed to drain sufficient water for Phrygia to survive and left enough so that Oceanus could as well. Lemur and his crew were apprehended for their crimes, the water they stole was returned to Earth.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Flight
  • Superspeed