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The League
General Information
Founder(s): Gamemnae
Rama Khan
Leader(s): Gamemnae
Rama Khan
Current Members: None
Former Members: Anointed One
Manitou Raven
Status: Defunct
Base of Operations: Ancient Atlantis



The League of Ancients were a group of the world's greatest superheroes that were assembled by Rama Khan in the year 1004 B.C. The team was brought together in order to battle a prophesied "seven headed hydra" that was foreseen by Gamemnae who was the High Priestess of Atlantis. She had foreseen that this threat would arrive that would lay waste to the world. In reality, all this information given by the priestess was false and fed to Rama Khan by Gamemnae to serve her own purposes. This was because in 1020 B.C., a time displaced Aquaman from the Imperiex War was captured by Gamemnae who interrogated him as well as magically imprisoned him in a pool of water. She realised that his friends in the Justie League would eventually come looking for their ally. Thus, the High Priestess sought her own group of defenders which she found in six other metahumans in that time period. She ensured that Rama Khan would receive visions of a great threat in the form of the "seven headed Hydra" would come to destroy the world. Whereupon, she seemingly helphed him gather allies that would protect the planet from this threat. Under the command of both Gamemnae and Rama Khan, the League of Ancients was formed who left their homes in order to begin their training to fight this foreseen threat.

Revisionist History[]

In order to make a pre-emptive strike against Aquaman's allies, Gamemnae sent Tezumak and Manitou Raven into the future in order to attack the Justice League. However, the League managed to defeat the two Ancients who returned to their timeperiod. This led to the League following them back into the era of ancient Atlantis where they sought out their lost team mate Aquaman. This led to them being openly attacked by the Ancients who Rama Khan believed were the Hydra. With his visions, he learnt of the weaknesses of the League and the brutality of the Ancients led to them slaying the Justice League. Unknown to them, this all played a part in Gamemnae's schemes of conquering the world by preventing Atlantis from sinking and thus altered the course of history itself. These effects impacted the future as modern age Earth was being deastated as every drop of water was being drawn into the reserviors of Atlantis as it was being raised from the depths of the ocean. In order to save his time period, Batman called upon a reserve group of replacement heroes with the purpose of going back in time and thwarting Gamemnae's plans.

At the same time, Manitou Raven had begun to suspect that Gamemnae had her own secret agenda after being sent into the future. When he tried to question Aquaman, the Atlantean High Priestess revealed her true plan to him that was to use the power of Atlantis to absorb the metahuman powers and souls of the Ancients. With this, she would use their power to conquer the world for Atlantis. Despite the discovery of her plan, Gamemnae did not feel that Manitou Raven was worth the effort in destroying him and allowed him to escape. He, however, used the souls of the Justice League to entrap Gamemnae behind an impenetrable barrier that revealed her treachery to the Ancients that led to the superheroes of the two epochs to join forces to save both the past as well as the present.

Gamemnae remained imprisoned for 3,000 years whereupon she tried to escape with the power of the Justice League. However, she was defeated when the Justice League rescued Aquaman who sunk Atlantis once more. As a result, the High Priestess lost her stolen powers and was burnt alive whilst the League of Ancients was destroyed.