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The Landlubbers
General Information
Founder(s): Lagoon Boy
Leader(s): Lagoon Boy
Current Members: Sheeva
Status: Inactive
Base of Operations: Atlantis

The Landlubbers is a group consisting of Lagoon Boy, Blubber, and Sheeva, a trio of young adventurers from Poseidonis. The group visits the surface world and introduces their culture to their home city.


Lagoon Boy, Blubber and Sheeva first met at Aquaman's birthday party. The trio's first visit to the surface world was in New York, their visit there frightened the citizens, and because of this, the local police shot Blubber and were about to shoot Lagoon Boy and Sheeva, although they did not mean any harm. Just before it got any worse, Aquaman and Tempest showed up and stopped the police from harming the youngsters. Aquaman brought the three adventurers home, Blubber recovered. The team stopped going to the surface world for more adventures because Lagoon Boy had been in comatose since his joining of Titans East.


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