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Lagoon Boy
Lagoon Boy YJ
General Information
Real name: La'gaan
Portrayed by: Yuri Lowenthal
Appearances: Young Justice

Lagoon Boy is the protégé of Aquaman, and an former member of the Team. He is a former classmate of Kaldur'ahm at the Conservatory of Sorcery.


Young Justice[]

In "Downtime", La'gaan attended his class with Lori Lemaris. He tried his hand at mastering a hard water snake.

In Young Justice #14: "Under the Surface...", La'gaan was at the Conservatory when Kaldur'ahm arrived with his friends Miss Martian and Superboy. He wanted to know a lot about the surface world, but got no real answers.

La'gaan, Lori, Blubber and King Sha'ark confronted Ronal and his friends, whom they accused of being purists and responsible for an attack on Topo.

In Young Justice #15: "... Here There Be Monsters", with the other students, La'gaan came to Aqualad's aide when they were ambushed by purists. Ocean-Master's magic weakened him, but they won the day thanks to Topo's ink spout and Superboy's infrared vision. La'gaan could not participate in the final fight with Ocean-Master in the S'atiroman Cave.

La'gaan witnessed a heated argument between Ronal and King Sha'ark.

Young Justice: Invasion[]

It is revealed that La'gaan got his wish: he got to see the surface world. He joined the Team, and struck up a relationship with senior member Miss Martian.

In "Happy New Year", Lagoon Boy lost a sparring match with Nightwing, much to his frustration, but claimed he would eventually beat him. When Miss Martian arrived, he greeted her with a kiss.

La'gaan begged to be on Alpha Squad, or even on Beta Squad, but was assigned as Gamma Squad along with Blue Beetle and Robin to capture Kroloteans in New Orleans.

When they arrived in New Orleans, they could not find anything suspicious above ground. They went underwater and reached the base of the Kroloteans. They hid from them, while Robin contacted Mal and informed him that they found the base. They were discovered by the Kroloteans and attacked. Lagoon Boy fought off the Kroloteans, until Blue Beetle took a Krolotean hostage and found the abductees. The abductees, including Secretary General Tseng, were terrified of his appearance, but eventually calmed down when he opened their cage with ease. They made it out of the base before its self-destruct caused it to explode. Back on the surface, their backup, the entire Justice League and Team, arrived.

In "Alienated", after the League learned of the location of the last Krolotean stronghold, they set up a plan of attack. Aquaman and Lagoon Boy were Beta Squad. They infiltrated Malina Island from the sea, prying open an underwater door and spying in the docks with a periscope. Manta discovered them, and shot his helmet lasers at them, but they could evade it. They leaped out of the water to stop the Manta men that had started to fire on them.

Aquaman quickly sought out his main foe, but Manta shot him in the shoulder. While he recovered, Lagoon Boy took down Krolotean Mechs. Aquaman recovered, but found himself surrounded by Mechs. Delta Squad destroyed them for him.

Lagoon Boy, in his inflated form, stormed at Manta, giving Aquaman the opportunity to attack him from the flank. Manta's helmet was thrown clear, and Aquaman was shocked to see his former friend. Orin and Nightwing tried to reason, but Lagoon Boy and Kaldur'ahm saw only enmity. Kaldur escaped, but did notify them of a bomb that was set to go off. Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl swooped in to carry the two Atlanteans back to the Bio-Ship. They managed to outrun the blast.

In "Salvage", M'gann and La'gaan witnessed the activation of the Zeta-Shield, before continuing with their movie night.

In "Depths", M'gann had made crab cakes for her boyfriend, who happily ate them. He was unfamiliar with the snack, but he liked them. Miss Martian fed him one, which he declared "true love" to all present, but mainly Superboy. When Artemis arrived, La'gaan welcomed her, and expressed the pleasure of working with her. Artemis, who was not as close to Lagoon Boy as she was to the others, did not know how to respond.

Nightwing gave all present a briefing on the upcoming launch of a communications satellite that would open up communications between Earth and Mars. Since someone might try to sabotage it, Gamma Squad was dispatched to provide security.

Lagoon Boy did not like his role in the plan: he was relegated to patrolling the water. He was jealous because Superboy was with Miss Martian. He spotted their enemy: Manta-Men, lead by Kaldur'ahm. Lagoon Boy was ordered to wait for backup, but after Superboy called him a rookie, he ignored his orders and attacked.

Though he took down many Manta-Men, Kaldur shocked him unconscious. He was captured and taken to the Manta-flyer.

Young Justice: Phantoms[]

Lagoon Boy now is in a three-way polygamous marriage to Coral and Rodunn. They have a child. He later becomes Aquaman.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Atlantean Sorcery: As La'gaan was a student at the Conservatory of Sorcery, he at least possesses a rudimentary level of sorcery, including hydrokinesis.
  • Inflation: La'gaan can use Atlantean magic to enlarge his body, dramatically increasing his strength and durability.
  • Atlantean physiology: Enabling him to breathe underwater, as well as on the surface.


Young Justice[]

  • "Downtime"
  • Young Justice #14: "Under the Surface..."
  • Young Justice #15: "...Here There be Monsters"

Young Justice: Invasion[]

  • "Happy New Year"
  • "Alienated"
  • "Salvage"
  • "Depths"

=Young Justice: Phantoms[]

  • "Nautical Twilight"
  • "Ebb Tide"
  • "Emergency Dive"
  • "Leviathan Wakes"

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