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Lagoon Boy
General Information
Real name: Unknown
First Appearance: Aquaman vol. 5 #50 (December 1998)
Created by: Erik Larsen
Eric Battle
Affiliations: Landlubbers
Titans East
Young Justice
Abilities: Atlantean Biological Adaptation
Superhuman Strength
Acess to Clear
Enhanced Durability
Size Manipulation
Master Swimmer
Portrayed by: Yuri Lowenthal (Voice)


No writer has yet provided an origin story for Lagoon Boy. In his first appearance, he is allowed into Atlantis despite the protests of many elitist Atlanteans. This is due to an attempt by Aquaman to make Atlantis more open to citizens living outside the city, by granting them citizenship. Lagoon Boy comes to the citizenship ceremony on the day of King Orin and Queen Mera's marriage. While there he befriends Blubber, a humanoid whale with a genius IQ and his assistant, Sheeva. Aquaman #54 reveals that the three characters have begun calling themselves "The Landlubbers". Blubber creates a device which allows Atlanteans to view television from the surface world, and the trio head up to the surface world in order to explore and compare it to the television broadcasts they had seen. Their appearance creates a huge disturbance and the Coast Guard is quickly called in. Aquaman rescues the Landlubbers from persecution and sends them back to Atlantis.

After Eric Larsen's run on Aquaman ended, the Landlubbers did not reappear in Aquaman. Lagoon Boy was used shortly before the end of Larsen's run by writer Chuck Dixon, who wrote the Young Justice Special #1 No Man's Land story. In the story, the male members of Young Justice (Superboy, Robin and Impulse), head for Gotham City and meet up with Lagoon Boy. They all team up to stop Kobra. Lagoon Boy reappears in Young Justice: Sins of Youth, where he is aged to adulthood. He helps Young Justice face off against Klarion the Witchboy and Black Manta, and assists the JSA, JLA and the Titans in ending the wild mixture of science and magic which had been causing the transformations.

Lagoon Boy later displays the ability to command, or at least enlist the aid of, humpback whales in order to cause a riptide on the shores of the rogue nation of Zandia, aiding Young Justice in the process. Robin and Lagoon Boy team up to stop a sea monster from damaging Gotham Harbor and force its return to the sea. Lagoon Boy was last shown in Infinite Crisis as Spectre wreaks havoc on the people of Atlantis. He is shown fighting the Spectre alongside many Atlanteans and their allies. Lagoon Boy is one of the few survivors after the Spectre squashes the city.

Lagoon Boy is seriously injured shortly after returning to action in Titans East Special #1 and is now in a coma.

Powers and abilities[]

Lagoon Boy is an amphibious boy. He is small in stature, but stronger, quicker and more durable than an ordinary human. His body is covered in green scales and fins, as well as sharp claws and teeth. When excited, Lagoon Boy also has the ability to blow up like a puffer fish, which makes him appear to be much larger and more intimidating, and develops quills that can cause great pain to other opponents who cross his path.

Lagoon Boy discovers a conch horn that allows him to call out to his pet Spotty, a monstrous animal from the undersea trench called the Devil's Deep. Lagoon Boy has also displayed the ability to command humpback whales. At this point, it is unclear just how much control he has over them.

While not a superpower per se, he also has access to wealth acquired from submerged ships and cities

Others versions[]

  • Lagoon Boy appears in the comic book Tiny Titans, and in that version he has a sister named Lagoon Girl.

In Other Media[]

Young Justice[]

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