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General Information
Real name: Kadaver
Current Alias: Magister Kadaver, Kad
First Appearance: Aquaman #26 (2016)
Created by: Dan Abnett, Stjepan Šejić
Affiliations: Silent School, Corum Rath; Formerly Krush's Gang
Occupation(s): Magister, Master of the Silent School; Formerly Krush's Chief Enforcer, Rogue Magician
Abilities: Coral-Form Manipulation

Kadaver is a dangerous, rogue magician and enforcer originally from the Ninth Tride that was a former pupil at the Silent School. After leaving the school, he later became a part of Krush's Gang as Krush's personal chief enforcer.[1] During Rath's reign, he became the Master of the Silent School.[2]


Powers and Abilities[]


  • Abyssal Dark-Modified Physiology:After unlocking the gate that held the Abysal Dark Magic, he was later transformed by the entity behind it and gained a new body as a result, transformed into a grotesque creature. Like his usual physiology, he can survive the pressures of the ocean and survive underwater.[2]
  • Atlantean Sorcery: Kadaver is a powerful magician. Despite not gaining formal training in the Silent School due to his status from hailing from the Ninth Tride, he became an extremely formidable opponent and is thought to be dangerous and adept by Corum Rath.[2] Arthur Curry described him as dangerous.[3]
  • Coral-Form Manipulation: Kadaver can use his magic to create weaponized constructs out of coral as well as create lightning from his coral.[3] One of his spells also allows him to trap his enemies around lighting-induced coral.[4]


  • Kadaver is mute.[3]


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