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Judy Walton
Judy Walton - DCnU
General Information
Real name: Judy Walton-Dorrance
First Appearance: Showcase #27 (August, 1960)
Created by: Robert Kanigher
Russ Heath
Affiliations: Sea Devils
Abilities: Swimming

Judy Walton is a member of the Sea Devils and Dane Dorrance's wife.


While Dane Dorrance tried to win the respect of his father, a decorated World War II Frogman, and the swimming flippers he wore, which had been awarded to him for heroic action during service. Dorrance became scuba diver, and met fellow adventurous scuba divers Judy Walton and her little brother Nicky as well as Biff Bailey. The four came together to form the team known as the Sea Devils.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Swimming: Judy Walton is a master swimmer.
  • Diving: Judy Walton is an expert in deep sea diving.


Varied deep sea diving equipment; SCUBA tank, flippers, wetsuit, etc.

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