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General Information
Real name: Jaffar
Alias(es): Jafar
First Appearance: New Gods #2 (May, 1971)
Created by: Jack Kirby
Affiliations: Deep Six
Darkseid's Elite
The Society
Abilities: Amphibian
Superhuman Strength
Superhuman Durability
Molecular Reconstruction
Expert Swimmer
Skilled Combatant
Portrayed by: None


Jaffar is one of the Deep Six. The Deep Six are a team of six half-humanoid beings from the planet Apokolips who carry out missions of terror and destruction for their master, Darkseid. They possess superhuman strength, fish-like scaly skin and fins, and gills that enable them to function under the water. It is not known how long the Deep Six can function out of water.

Once after using bio-transmutation powers to disfigure Dolphin, Aquaman threatened to stab Jaffar unless he turned her back to normal. Jaffar relented and Aquaman agreed to spare his life. Aquaman's son, Koryak, however, made no such promise and blasted a hole through Jaffar's abdomen with a hard-water column. This attack seemingly killed Jaffar, but he was resurrected through his own spawn. Though he has died several times during his career, Jaffar was killed once again when the Infinity Man was scouring the Earth, killing off agents of Darkseid. He channelled his power through a corrupt Mary Marvel and killed Slig with a lightning bolt

The Deep Six were all seemingly killed by Orion and the New Gods, but have returned from time to time - meaning they are either difficult to kill or Apokolips has the technology to bring them back to life.

Powers and Abilities[]



  • Expert Swimmer
  • Skilled Combatant



  • Body Armor

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