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The Helmet of Chaos was an ancient, and extremely powerful magical object similar to the Helmet of Fate. It was created by a Lord of Chaos to create an agent of chaos similar to the agent of order, Doctor Fate.



Long ago, the Helmet was created in the Valley of Ur at the behest of a Lord of Chaos. In the 1980s, archeologists Burton Belker and Lewis Lang found the Helmet during an excavation in the Valley of Ur. Belker donned the helmet and was transformed into the villainous Doctor Chaos, but Superboy was able to defeat him and threw the helmet into space.

Prime Earth[]

In Prime Earth, the helmet was used by Doctor Chaos as a guardian of his realm before he was killed by Tsaritsa.

Powers Granted[]

  • Magical Repository: The Helmet of Chaos holds immense arcane power in its own right.
    • Personal Sorcery:
      • Flight: Using his telekinesis, Doctor Chaos may attain remarkable airspeeds.
      • Mystical Bolts
      • Magic
        • Spells: Ability to summon and use large amounts of magic to perform almost any feat such as shields, teleportation, increasing size etc.


  • The helmet powers will not work against copper.