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Globe of Transportation
Globe of Transportation
General Information
Official name: Globe of Transportation
First Appearance: Aquaman #7 (March, 2012)
Type: Atlantean Relic
Used by: Ya'Wara

The Globe of Transportation is one of the seven Relics of Atlantis. The Globe of Transportation was one of the dead king's seven weapons, used by the Others.


Ya'Wara chose the Globe from the seven Relics. The Globe allows her to travel anywhere in the world whenever she wants. After Black Manta killed Kahina the Seer, Ya'Wara used the Globe to find Aquaman and Stephen Shin. Manta managed to steal the Globe from Ya'Wara and use it to escape. He took the Globe to the Tomb of the Dead King and used it along with the Seal of Clarity to find the Sceptre of the Dead King. Ya'Wara regained control of the Globe once Manta had been stopped.

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