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Garn Daanuth is older twin son of Dark Majistra and Calculha an evil figure in ancient Atlantean history whom is also affiliated with the Lords of Chaos.[1][2]


Character's personality[]

Garn is motivated by a lust for power and a catastrophic, irrational yearning to destroying his brother, Arion.[3]

Character's appearance[]

Retcons and conflicting histories[]

Garn/Arion's age[]

Garn's status as a agent of chaos[]

Garn's parentage in Prime Earth[]

Character history[]

Current continuity[]

Previous continuity[]


Previous continuity

In his prime, Garn Daanuth was a master of dark magicks and possessed nearly unlimited magical power, enabling him powers such as creating bolts of mystical energy, astral projection, mind control, flight, and perform many other kinds of magical feats.[2][1] He was also in fine physical condition[2] and is skilled in hand-to-hand combat[3]although he preferred using his magical powers rather engage than hand-to-hand combat.[2]

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