Garn Daanuth
Garn Daanuth (1)
General Information
Real name: Garn Daanuth
Relative(s): Calculha (Father; Deceased)
Dark Majistra (Mother; Deceased)
Ahri'ahn (Brother)
Lady Chian (Sister-in-law; Deceased)
Race: Homo Magi Demi-God
First Appearance: Warlord #59
(July, 1982)
Created by: Mike Grell
Affiliations: Formerly Mu, Ancient Atlantis, Lords of Chaos
Occupation(s): Formerly Representative of Mu, Lord High Mage of Atlantis, Agent of Chaos
Abilities: Magic

Garn Daanuth was a powerful sorcerer whom was the one of the two twin son of Calculha and Dark Majistra, being the older twin to Ahri'ahn. After his mother's apparent destruction and draining of color from his body as a side effect of his younger twin brother's sacrifice from the usage of the Zodiac Crystals, he became an eternal enemy towards Arion. [1]


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Sorcery:In his prime, Garn Daanuth was considered one of the most powerful mystics in Atlantis, second only to his brother Arion. His proficiency at manipulating magical energy afforded him many abilities suitable for combat.
    • Astral Projection: Garn Daanuth could separate his spirit from his body and have his astral duplicate function independently of his corporeal form.
    • Flight: Garn Daanuth could use his magic to defy gravity and fly through the air without the need for wings or mechanical appliances.
    • Energy Projection: Garn Daanuth could hurl bolts of mystic energy from his hands.
    • Mind Control: Garn Daanuth could manipulate the conscious minds of other people.

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