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Forgotten Heroes
General Information
Founder(s): Immortal Man
Leader(s): Cave Carson
Formerly: Immortal Man
Current Members: Animal Man
Dane Dorrance
Rick Flagg
Rip Hunter
Immortal Man
Cave Carson
Former Members: Resurrection Man
Status: Active
Base of Operations: TBA

The Forgotten Heroes joined for the first time in the magazine Action Comics # 536, under the great Marv Wolfman script in 1984.



When mysterious golden pyramids energized by Earth,appeared around the world several heroes are called by the mysterious Immortal Man, to discover the originof the pyramids, which was nothing of a plan of his oldest enemy Vandal Savage would use the powers of the pyramid to kill Superman and create a new world order. The heroes manage to save Superman and with your help destroy the pyramids and defeat Vandal. Soon they decide tounite against evils unusual and call themselves The Forgotten Heroes.

Forgotten Villains[]

Later the Forgotten Heroes, won their malignant counterpart called Forgotten Villains, with the help of that group of witches (Enchantress, Yggardis,Kraklow) formed a coalition against the world and dominate the universe.

Mr.Neptune is tasked to invade the Fortress of Science, to bring another member to the group, Ultivac, a powerful robot who was disabled for years. Going in Metropolis,the dual meet Kraklow and Enchantress who were in the Central Bank will recruit Atom Master,their presence just by calling the attention of Superman, he went to his hideout,in order to escape Ultivac uses his powers to disorient him.

While escaped, said that the villains were looking for Rip Hunter heard it Superman contacts the Forgotten Heroes,believing that the bad guys would go back in time,they use the bubble to return to the past time, arriving at their destination they are surprised by that Kraklow turns Superman into a dragon. While others struggle with Kraklow, the Animal Man absorbed the skills of the Super-dragon to defeat it and Congorila and Dane went in search of the castle kraklow. In an emergency measure, Kraklow uses its power and carries all the heroes to indeterminate moment in time and fight against the Faceless Hunter.

During the battle, the Immortal Man is murdered while protecting Dolphin, in a fit of ego, the Faceless Hunter regard to the plan showing the heroes location of the magic triad, in Yggardis.

Meanwhile, Rick Flagg destroys the staff of Kraklow doing Superman returns to normal, the Immortal Man is resurrected in the body of a young boy. The team can win the Faceless Hunter and go to the outer space, where they arrived on a water planet called Quara, who was next to a red star which is the fastest way to Yggardis. The triad used their magical powers in space to detain the heroes, which attracts the attention of Chris KL-99 and its crew that rescues and put them aboard his ship to take them to their destination. The spacecraft landed on the planet Yggardis and was attacked by him, who conjured tentacles to trap them. Superman has allowed one of these tentacles to catch him, so he could fight inside the planet, the Forgotten Heroes freed themselves from the trap and went to his aid.

Kraklow and Enchantress used their powers to the max, what did the other villains go insane, causing them to come in conflict between them using the Ultivac,with this Enchantress lost concentration on the use of his powers, giving the heroes a chance to break the magical triad. The heroes rescue Superman from the planet centerand return with the bad guys for the bubble time of Rip Hunter to return to our time.

Crisis on Infinte Earths[]

During the Crisis on Infinite Earths,Rip Hunter uses a device that allows the super-heroes of the Multiverse travel to the mists of time, where they face the Anti-Monitor, the battle effectively destroys the universes.

Hunter sues along with Forgotten's teammates, Adam Strange,Captain Comet and Brainiac, travel to Apokolips, where Alexander Luthor and Darkseid use their advanced science in the final destruction of the Anti-Monitor.

After the Crisis[]

After the disappearance of the Immortal Man during the Crisis, Cave Carson tookover the leadership of the team and went to the center of the Earth, re-emergingsome time later to find Mitch Shelley, the Resurrection Man, who they believed to be the new incarnation of the Immortal Man. Meanwhile the team has gained new members: Ray, Vigilante, Fetish and Ballistic.

Mitch joined the team on a mission to stop Vandal Savage and the Forgotten Villains back in time,to retrieve the meteor that gave Savage his immortality.

Each one took care of their hero and villain facing hard these villains, the heroes triumphed. Mitch managed to catch unprepared Vandal Savage before obtaining a piece ofmeteor, but was attacked by a tiger saber-teeth, forcing him to use the power of the fragment to be saved. Unfortunately, this gave the opportunity to Savage defeat him and grab the fragment.

After these events Rip Hunter became a Time Master and it was revealed that Rick Flagg was a government agent infiltrated in the team.

The End of the Team[]

Years after the departure of Rick Flagg and Rip Hunter, each one followed acourse:

  • Cave Carson: Struggled financially to fund his expeditions and went to work in LexCorp, where he discovered an illegal scheme and took the information to Clark Kent investigate.
  • Rick Flagg: Was leader of the suicide squad for years.
  • Congorilla: Became a member of the new Justice League of America.
  • Animal Man:Became an environmental activist and occasionally returned to his life as a super hero.
  • Dolphin:It became a heroine of the sea with Aquaman and had a child with Tempest
  • Rip Hunter:after becoming a master of time, began to correct the timeline with Booster Gold.
  • Dane Dorrance: Once again topped the Sea Devils.




  • They call themselves The Forgotten Heroes, to symbolize that anyone of good will can be a great hero.

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In Other Media[]

  • In 2008, 2009 and 2010. They made some of the Forgotten Heros in heroclixs set. The one that where made in heroclixs set where. Animal Man, Cave Carson, Rip Hunter. Those where the three that where made with there cards and powers. The other ones like Congo Bill/Congorilla and Dolphin the Sea Devils/Dane Dorrance are all bystanders- pogs in the game set. One of these day they will made the one that are pogs in to heroclixs set.