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Minister F'ancha
General Information
Real name: F'ancha
First Appearance: Aquaman #1
(December, 1991)
Created by: Shaun McLaughlin
Ken Hooper
Bob Dvorak
Affiliations: Atlantean High Council
Abilities: Diplomacy

F'ancha was the young minister to Poseidonis, the capital city of Atlantis.


F'ancha served during the time of King Thesily. F'ancha made great strides in improving relations between Atlanteans and the surface world and represented Atlantis at the United Nations. To his credit, he knew more about surface world culture and customs than even Aquaman. F'ancha was present when the sovereign nation of Oumland launched an allegedly retaliatory attack against Atlantis, destroying the great dome of Poseidonis.

F'ancha was always Aquaman's greatest supporter, and never lost faith that Aquaman would return in the time of Atlantis' greatest need. Aquaman even saved F'ancha and King Thesily from three blood-hungry sharks that had entered the city.

F'ancha recognized that a female teenage Atlantean named Marin had heroically given her life to save Aquaman, and so he erected a monument in her honor. At this time, F'ancha developed a romantic interest in Marin's mother, Beaki.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Atlantean Physiology
  • Diplomacy

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