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Eochaid Bres
Eochaid Bres
General Information
Real name: Eochaid Bres
First Appearance: Aquaman #1
(February, 1986)
Created by: Neal Pozner
Craig Hamilton
Affiliations: Conclave of Twelve
Abilities: Atlantean

Eochaid Bres was a sorceress who usurped the throne of Thierna Na Oge.


Bres was a citizen of the Atlantean lost city of Thierna Na Oge and a respected member of the Thuata De Danaan. She served on the ruling city council known as the Conclave of Twelve under the leadership of her sister, King Nuada Silverhand. However, Bres was ambitious and coveted the throne for herself. She convinced the other eleven Conclave members that Nuada had fallen out of favor with the goddess, Dana, and needed to abdicate her seat.

Like many members of the Tuatha De Danann, Bres was capable of wielding great magic, but she was wild and untrained in the proper use of her power. Regardless, it was still enough to unseat her sister and declare herself the new King of Thierna Na Oge. Bres placed Nuada in a dungeon cell, but only after having her right arm torn off at the hands of a vicious Firbolg.

During this time, the Atlantean hero known as Aquaman discovered the lost city of Thierna Na Oge and embarked upon a quest to recover the stolen Royal Seal of Atlantis. King Bres' mages discovered Aquaman and believing him to be a spy, quickly captured him, placing him inside the same cell with Nuada. With Aquaman's help, Nuada was able to escape from the dungeon and placed herself in self-imposed exile. Bres continued to rule over Thierna Na Oge for several years until Nuada returned to reclaim her rightful crown.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Atlantean Physiology: Although a splinter species of baseline humanity, Atlanteans have evolved over the centuries and have adapted physical characteristics that make them more suited for life beneath the sea. A common misperception is that Atlanteans are amphibious. While this is partially true to some extent, modern-day Atlanteans can only exist outside of water for a limited duration before they begin to asphyxiate. Because Atlanteans have to adapt to living at varying pressure levels, their bodies are physically much heartier than the average human being, granting them:
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Superhuman Strength
  • Sorcery: Bres can tap into the mystical energy of the Earth in order to wield a variety of supernatural effects. However, her flagrant and aggressive nature precludes her from ever becoming a truly focused mage.
  • Leadership: Bres possesses great leadership skills and can command the respect of those in service to her. She is likewise a master manipulator, and has used the art of diplomacy to satisfy her own selfish aims

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