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The Eldfur
General Information
Official name: Eldfur
Created by: Jim Aparo
Steve Skeates
First Appearance: Aquaman #43
Galaxy: Milky Way
Star System: Sol
Planet: Earth
Locale: Atlantic Ocean

Eldfur is one of many undersea colonies dotting the ocean floor. Once the site of a thriving civilization, the colony fell into ruin due to repeated attacks by a sea serpent, known as "The Bugala".


Located within a valley on the ocean floor, the village of Eldfur was once the home to a peaceful and rather advanced civilization. Then, the Bugala came. Possibly following some migratory trail, the oceanic leviathan returned to Eldfur once each year, leaving devastation and despair in its wake. Each year the Eldfur army would repel the Bugala, always suffering heavy casualties. With less populace to tend to the fields or repair the village's infrastructure, Eldfur fell into ruin. The valley's once lush vegetation died off.

The King of Eldfur once instructed the last few remaining warriors, in Eldfur's army, to enlist the aid of a champion, one who might end the threat of the Bugala, once and for all. A raiding party abducted the young aquatic hero, Aqualad, for this purpose. Though Aqualad showed his combat mettle, against the greatest warrior Eldfur still possessed, the youth proved a poor match for the Bugala. Only through the intervention and assistance of his mentor, Aquaman, was Aqualad able to even survive his battle with the Bugala, let alone drive it off. Though grateful, the men of Eldfur knew the Bugala would return the next year. It is unknown if the Eldfur colony survived the following year's encounter with the Bugala.


The Eldfur are biped humanoids. Unlike Atlanteans, or the Maarzon tribesman, the Eldfur, in appearance, are decidedly more ichthyic. Hairless, their bodies are covered in violet scales, with a ridged fin running down the center of their skulls. Like Atlantis, the government system of Eldfur is a monarchy.

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