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General Information
Real name: Mortimer Coolidge
First Appearance: Aquaman Vol 6 #21 (October, 2004)
Created by: Will Pfeifer
Patrick Gleason
Affiliations: The Society
Abilities: Telekinesis
Density Control
Skilled Swimmer
Portrayed by: None


Mort Coolidge was a criminal who set his career in the cities of Gotham City and San Diego (before the earthquake that sank half the town). In San Diego he got a suit that gave him powers, he tried to dominate the entire criminal underworld of the city, but was stopped by Aquaman.

Infinite CrisisEdit

Eel was called by the Ocean Master to join his team of aquatic villains to attack Sub Diego.


In Flashpoint, Eel is shown as a prisoner in Deathstroke ship's, with Sonar, whom he should watch. After a confrontation with Aquaman, Deathstroke was seriously injured, Sonar and Eel helped him recover.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Telekinesis: The Eel is mild and can use his telekinetic abilities to move objects with his mind, andcreate force fields produce force blasts. Working underwater his powers are far more powerful, as he has greater control of water.
  • Density Control
  • Hydrokinesis


  • Skilled Swimmer



  • Power Suit:The Eel wears a suit That Enables him Pressures to survive underwater,breathe water and enhanced resistance to physical attacks.

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