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Dr. Tryton
General Information
Real name: Tryton (first name unrevealed)
First Appearance: Aquaman #32 (April, 1967)
Created by: Nick Cardy
Bob Haney
Affiliations: Atlantis
Abilities: Superstrength
Near immortality
Portrayed by: None

Dr. Tryton, an Atlantean scientist-engineer, designed and erected the dome that surrounds Atlantis. Dr. Tryton survived to present day, due to a side effect from ingesting a growth serum, which made him, effectively, immortal.


The ancient Atlantean scientist, Dr. Tryton was, perhaps, the first to realize that Atlantis would not survive the escalation in earthquakes, and tidal waves, that befell the city. Dr. Tryton believed that his idea of enclosing Atlantis in an impenetrable dome would, ultimately, save the city. The problem, however, was time. Atlantis didn't have the necessary manpower to complete such a massive construction project, before the next series of quakes and tidal waves consumed the city. Perhaps in desperation, Dr. Tryton consumed an untested growth formula, that he had concocted earlier. Fortunately, the serum worked, transforming Dr. Tryton into a giant. The, now, colossal scientist, fabricated and erected the dome around Atlantis himself. Just as the structure was completed, a massive earthquake struck, sinking Atlantis, and burying Dr. Tryton underneath the fabled city.

Dr. Tryton survived the cataclysm, for the formula that had made him a giant, also, unexpectedly, extended his life span to near immortality. Whether due to the centuries of immobilization under Atlantis, or more dire side effects of the growth formula, by present day, Dr. Tryton had descended into madness. Some shred of his rational mind still lingered, though, and when his beloved city was once more threatened with destruction, this time through the detonation of an atomic warhead, Dr. Tryton took action. At first, Dr. Tryton tried to alert Atlantis' current champion, Aquaman to the danger. His warnings of impending doom, however, were either too subtle, or too symbolic, to easily be interpreted as a message. In the end, Dr. Tryton forcibly broke out from under Atlantis, took hold of the nuclear device, and leaped into a deep chasm, moments before detonation. Once again, Dr. Tryton had sacrificed his life for Atlantis.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Superstrength
  • Near Immortality

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