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As the aging McNider spent less time in action, Beth Chapel, a medical doctor, stepped into the role of Doctor Midnight. Beth Chapel was a native of Orangeburg, South Carolina, with a pastor father, a mother who sang in the church choir, and four brothers. Chapel first appeared when Jade of Infinity, Inc. was rushed to her hospital for treatment after encountering Mister Bones' cyanide touch. During the onset of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Beth was blinded by an oxygen explosion, only to be rescued by Hourman's son Rick Tyler, who had taken McNider's drug that enhances ability to see in the dark. Beth used the formula to similarly treat her blindness, and she and Rick assume the mantles of their predecessors as Doctor Midnight and Hourman, with her mother crafting a super hero costume from a choir robe. Along with a new Wildcat, Chapel and Tyler applied for membership in Infinity, Inc, eventually gaining admission; however, the association was short-lived, as Infinity, Inc. disbanded shortly thereafter, though Chapel and Tyler began a romantic relationship during their tenure.

Doctor Midnight and Wildcat were subsequently recruited by the U.S. government for a mission to defeat the supervillain Eclipso, only for Chapel to die on the mission along with Wildcat, the Creeper, Commander Steel, Peacemaker, and Major Victory.

During the events of the "Watchmen" sequel "Doomsday Clock", Beth Chapel was returned to life alongside the rest of the restored Justice Society of America and the Legion of Super-Heroes thanks to the influence of Doctor Manhattan. She now sports a more traditional costume resembling that of McNider and Cross. Following the fight against Black Adam's group and the foreign superheroes, Chapel is mentioned to have opened a metahuman medical clinic called the All-Star Clinic where Ronnie Raymond is receiving treatment.

In other media[]

  • Beth Chapel appears in the live-action DC Universe / The CW television series Stargirl, portrayed by Anjelika Washington. This version is a socially awkward girl who has not made any friends like her mother encourages her to do. She later obtains the original Doctor Mid-Nite, Charles McNider's, goggles, befriends its A.I., which she nicknames "Chuck", becomes the new Doctor Mid-Nite, and joins Stargirl's Justice Society of America. In season two, Chapel finds out that her parents are getting a divorce as she tries to reactivate "Chuck", only to come in contact with McNider, who is trapped in the Shadowlands. After falling victim to Eclipso's illusions, McNider advises her to keep the googles as they can see through Eclipo's tricks. Once McNider is freed, he helps Beth find Eclipso while breaking her parents out of the villain's illusions. Following Eclipso's defeat, Chapel's parents and McNider support her in being the new Doctor Mid-Nite before Chapel helps McNider discover what happened to his family.