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This article contains information from the Prime Earth continuity, which is currently the primary official continuity of DC Comics.

Khalid Nassour is the latest bearer of the Doctor Fate mantle. Chosen by the Egyptian God, Bastet, he is an Egyptian-American descended of a Pharaoh bloodline whose inexperience left him to pursue tutelage under the previous bearer and great uncle, Kent Nelson. While relinquishing the title for a time due to Nabu's extreme actions, the Lord of Order eventually accepted the young man as his agent, forfetting control of his powers over to Khalid to defend order in the known universe.[1]




The Helm of Fate grants Khalid numerous magical abilities, such as bestowing him flight, healing, manipulations of the elements, lightning, and the ability to phase through walls.[1]


  • Helm of Fate
  • Staff of Power

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  • Khalid's connection to Aquaman mythos is significantly different in his animated Young Justice version, whom is an ancestor to that media's portrayal of Arion.


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