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Deep Six
General Information
Founder(s): Darkseid
Leader(s): Darkseid
Current Members: Gole
Former Members: Orka
Tamara Rahn
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Apokolips

The Deep Six are a team of half-humanoid villains created by Jack Kirby as part of the Jack Kirby's Fourth World set of DC Comics titles. They first appeared in The New Gods #2 (April-May 1971).



At the bidding of their master, Darkseid, the Deep Six exist for the sole purposes of combat and terrorism in his name. All six fish-like members possess superhuman strength as well as the ability to breathe and function underwater. In New Gods #5, Orion kills all of the Deep Six during a battle on Earth. A member named Slig returns only to be killed by Orion again.

In conflict with Aquaman[]

The team returns to face Aquaman and his allies Koryak and Dolphin in Aquaman #6 (April 1995), where it is revealed that the team has been resurrected several times over the years, whenever Darkseid has use for them. The new members are actually "spawns" of the original, raised in birthing chambers. As the spawns were raised on Earth, they are more attuned to its ocean environments. All members of the Deep Six are believed to have slain one of Aquaman's past loves and mother of his child Koryak. In the ensuing battle, all six are seemingly slain themselves.

Supermen of America[]

This revived version of Deep Six later faces the Supermen of America in Supermen of America #2 (April 2000).

After the Supermen of America facing Calvin Broderick,an LexCorp employee who was in charge of break the S.T.A.R. Labs, to steal a capsule of immense power, which Lex Luthor was eager to possess. Lex was not the only one interested in the capsule, Darkseid sends the Deep Six in pursuit of the object,but are defeated by the group.

They later joined the The Society headed by Lex Luthor.


Like all the New Gods, the Deep Six met their ends at the hands of the Source's "god killer," Himon. Only Slig survived for a while,because was on Earth where confronted Mary Marvel, to protect Slig turns humans into mer-people. Soon Infinity Man found and released a beam of light that pierced Mary without any damage, killing Slig.


  • Gole - Gole uses bladed weapons and wears a helmet that completely covers his face.
  • Jaffar - Jaffar usually wears a suit of green armor without a helmet. He can mutate other beings by touch, like his teammate Slig.
  • Kurin - Kurin can often be seen carrying a trident-like weapon and is usually clad in gold-colored armor.
  • Shaligo the Flying Finback - Shaligo's green skin is of a different hue than the rest of the team and he has blonde hair. His wing-like fins enable him to fly.
  • Slig - Slig can be identified by his suit of blue armor. He can either disintegrate an object or radically mutate other living beings by touch alone.
  • Trok - Trok wears a copper-colored helmet and wields an axe attached to a tether. He can spin this axe at high speed.

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