Dark Majistra
Dark Majistra (Post Flashpoint)
General Information
Real name: Dark Majistra
Relative(s): Calculha (Husband; Deceased)
Arion (Son)
Unnamed son
Uvian & Children of Arion (Alleged Grandchildren via Arion; Deceased)
First Appearance: Justice League #16 (2016)
Affiliations: Ancient Atlantis
Occupation(s): Queen, Mage
Abilities: Sorcery

Dark Majistra[1] is a skilled mage and Queen of Ancient Atlantis who helped created the Zodiac Crystals along with her husband and their Magi.[2] She is the mother of future Lord of Atlantis, Arion.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Magic: Dark Majistra is a capable mage, having been able to cast a spell of translation and truth in which if those under it's spell tells a willing lie, they would burn to death.[2]
  • Precognition: Both her and her husband was able to foresee Aquaman's arrival from the past to the future and a great event.[1]


  • Occultism: Dark Majistra is capable enough to have created the Zodiac Crystals alongside her husband and Magi.[2]


  • Prime Earth's Dark Majistra's design differs from her New Earth's version, having a lighter skin tone compared to her dark Egyptian-like appearance and red hair that resembles Prime Earth's Arion.


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