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Dark Majistra
Dark Majistra (1)
General Information
Real name: Dark Majistra
Relative(s): Calculha (Mate; Deceased)
Ahri'ahn (Son)
Garn Daanuth (Son; Deceased))
Race: Homo Magi
First Appearance: Arion Lord of Atlantis #4
(February, 1983)
Created by: Doug Moench
Jan Duursema
Affiliations: Formerly Mu of Ancient Atlantis, Lords of Chaos
Occupation(s): Former Representative of Mu, Agents of Chaos[1]
Abilities: Magic

Dark Majistra was an evil sorceress and former lover of Calculha. With him, she gave birth to twin sons, Garn Daanuth and Ahri'ahn.[2]


Love with Calculha[]

At some point, Dark Majistra and Calculha met one another and fell in love. Due to their affility with light and darkness, a harmony of balance came from their union and resulted in producing twin sons: Ahri'ahn and Garn Daanuth. However, their relationship soon fell apart and they became fierce rivals instead. With no love for her eldest twin son, she takes Garn and makes her his apprentice.[2][1]

First Demise[]

Years later, she is called alongside the twelve other mages that represent their respective cities by Calculha and warns her son to be wary of both Calculha and his son. During their meeting, Calculha warns of a potential threat that will disrupt the Zodiac Crystals and lead to a devastating event upon Atlantis and the worlds. Though he plans to reinforce the protection spells around it, Majistra instead proposes to combine the crystals and their energies to re-create a new age of magic and undo the balance in the process. However, she is utterly outvoted and is revealed to the agent in which causes the event to come by. With Garn at her side, she is sucessful in combining the crystals with her powers despite Calculha and Ahri'ahn's later intervention.[1]

Her victory is short-lived as Ahri'ahn sacrificed himself upon his father's request to wrestle the power of the crystals away from her. From his intervention, her body couldn't contain the power and she was self-destructed as a result into Darkworld.[1]

Magic Odyssey[]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Magic: At her prime, Dark Majistra was a powerful sorceress immensely skilled in Dark Magic and capable of matching the likes of Calculha, the greatest Mage-Lords and magicians of Atlantis in his time and a god himself. She was also powerful enough to easily undo the protections of the Zodiac Cystals, in which was powered by Calculha himself and twelve other mages.[1]
  • Power Absorption


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