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Curry Lighthouse
Curry Lighthouse
General Information
Official name: Curry Lighthouse
Created by: Robert Bernstein
Ramona Fradon
First Appearance: Adventure Comics #260 (May, 1959)
Galaxy: Milky Way
Star System: Sun
Planet: Earth
Country: United States
State: Maine
Locale: Amnesty Bay

Curry Lighthouse is where Tom Curry lived and where Orin lived during his childhood.


The Curry Lighthouse was located just off the coast of northern Maine and was operated by a man named Tom Curry. Curry was a fisherman by trade, but he also manned the lantern tower and lived inside a small cottage connected to the light station. Years ago, the teenage Atlantean boy known as Orin spied Tom Curry catching crab off the shore of the island. He decided to help him in this venture, but the sudden appearance of a "mer-boy" startled Curry and out of fear, he punched him. He brought Orin inside and nursed him back to health and the two formed a close bond. Tom Curry began to regard Orin as his son and gave him the name Arthur Curry. When Arthur grew to adulthood, he felt the need to find his roots and left the lighthouse in search of his native land of Atlantis. As years passed, Tom Curry passed away.

The next time Orin saw the lighthouse, it was during his early career as the super-hero Aquaman. One of his villains, the Fisherman, captured Aquaman and brought him to the lighthouse where he secured him to the tower's solar panels. It was his intent to leave him out to dehydrate in the sun, hoping that this method would ultimately kill him. Aquaman escaped however and captured the Fisherman.

Some time later, the Ocean Master visited the lighthouse so he could see the place that his brother called home. In a fit of jealous insanity, he destroyed the lantern room.


In Earth-One continuity, it was not Aquaman that first came to the shore of the island, but rather his mother, Atlanna, whom Tom Curry found floating on a raft. He nursed Atlanna back to health and the two eventually fell in love, giving birth to their son Arthur Curry.


In the Post-Flashpoint continuity, Curry Lighthouse is located in Amnesty Bay and is lived in by Aquaman, Mera and Aquadog.


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