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General Information
Real name: Don Powers
First Appearance: Aquaman #56 (April, 1971)
Created by: Steve Skeates
Jim Aparo
Affiliations: Detroit Police Departament
Powers Investigations
Abilities: Hand to Hand Combatant (Basic)
Forensic Pathology



Don Powers is a young forensic scientist from the Detroit Police. After helping Aquaman solve a crime, he decided to become a vigilante to eradicate all crime in "Motor City". He became the vigilante of the night known as "The Crusader". As well as becoming a vigilante, he founded Powers Investigations, a private forensic laboratories which helped the Detroit Police Department.

Sometime later, Don tried to join the Justice League of America, but his style of fighting crime was considered too violent by the team, which rejected his proposal for membership.


Years later, Powers quit his job in the police to become a full-time vigilante. Powers began to suffer from decreased visual acuity, to such an extent that he couldn't see at night and would soon have to stop his activities as the Crusader. To solve his problem, he launched a satellite in the orbit of the planet, the satellite was equipped with mirrors to reflect sunlight back to Detroit to make it daytime all the time.

The prolonged sunshine causes the algae in the water to grow uncontrollably and began threatening the entire city. This caught Aquaman's attention but Powers didn't care, his only concern was to stop cars smugglers, hoping to stay famous and even allow himself to retire in a blaze of glory before he went blind. In the meantime, Aquaman destroyed the satellite and discovered the true identity of the Crusader.

However, Powers underestimated his visual impairment and pursued the smugglers across the rooftops and fell to his death.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Hand to Hand combatantant (Basic)
  • Gymnastics
  • Forensic Pathology
  • Criminology
  • Chemistry
  • Stealth


  • Blindness
  • Mental Instability


  • Orbital Satellite:The satellite was equipped with mirrors that would reflect sunlight back on the city, throughout the night.

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