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Crown of Thorns
Crown of Thorns (Aquaman 25)
General Information
Official name: Crown of Thorns
First Appearance: Aquaman #24 (2018)
Type: Enchantment
Used by: Silent School

The Crown of Thorns is a powerful barrier and enchantment that can be cast by the Magisters of the Silent School.[1] It is described as the oldest and most powerful enchantment in the Silent School.[2]



According to Loke, the Crown of Thorns is the most powerful enchantment the Silent School possesses and nothing on Earth can break it. It is powerful enough to withstand the assault of Mera's aquakinetic power, being that her skill makes her the highest functioning aquakinetic in Atlantis's recorded history.[2] According to Cyborg's scanners, the barrier is also read as impenetrable.[3]


  • In Aquaman #24, the appearance of the magic appears as a large barrier made of thorns per it's namesake. However, in Aquaman #25 and beyond, the barrier is artistically made to be made up of magic instead.


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