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Corum Rath is the former terrorist leader of the Deluge and a xenophobic Atlantean who holds disdains against Atlantean mutants ("taintbloods") and "surface dwellers" while upholding Atlantean traditions.[1] After falling out of favor with the Atlantean Council, Rath briefly ascended into the role of a king as interim.[2] However, the influence of the Abyssal Dark and the Atlantean Civil War proved to be his undoing, leading to him eventually ousting himself as king and intellect diminished.


Earlier history[]

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Like all Atlantean, Rath's original abilities include biological adaptation to the depths of the sea that grants Atlanteans superhuman speed, strength, and durability as well as enhanced senses that gives the more acute hearing and can see deep in the ocean depth.[1] His strength is proven to be considerable enough to battle the likes of Aquaman in close combat.[2] Later in his life, Rath became skilled in magic, having been taught some of it's arts by Magister Master Loke. His mystic skill allows him to scry and eaves drop from afar.[3]

Rath was later transfomred into a mystically-based mutant by the Abyssal Dark, granting him additional powers such as being able to unwillingly transform Kadaver into a undead-like being and bolstering his powers.[3]



Due to the overuse of magic overtime shortly after being taught some of it's arts, the effects of magic eroded Rath's sanity.[3]


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