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General Information
Real name: Kako
First Appearance: Aquaman: Time and Tide #3 (February, 1994)
Created by: Peter David
Affiliations: Aquaman
Koryak (Son)
Parliament of Flames
Abilities: Pyrokinesis
Portrayed by: None


After being abandoned by his adoptive father, Aquaman makes a journey through the world until he reached a small village in Alaska, where he meets a beautiful Inupiaq woman named Kako, the two fell in love and have sex. Kako is then viciously beaten by her jealous cousin, Orm and almost dies. On the same day, Arthur goes away vowing to return. Kako discovers she is pregnant with Aquaman's child.

Years later the village where Kako lived was attacked by the Deep Six. Aquaman went to her rescue and found out about his son, but was unable to save her, after her death Kako became a fire elemental called Corona and faced the Deep Six. After she defeated the group, Aquaman takes Koryak, their son, to Atlantis to live with him.

Parliament of Flames[]

Corona, Aurora and Firestorm were asked to create the Parliament of the Flames, an alliance between the element of fire. Later hey joined other elemental Parliaments to try remake the world and gave her powers to her champion the Swamp Thing. To prevent that from happening, the Heavenly power called The Word destroyed the Parliaments, but not until they had passed on all their power to the Swamp Thing, who would do their bidding.

Presumably Kako died along with the Parliament of the Flames.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Pyroplasm Form
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Flight
  • Intangibility

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