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Conclave of Twelve
Conclave of Twelve
General Information
Founder(s): Nuada Silverhand
Leader(s): Nuada Silverhand
Current Members: Tuatha De Danann
Former Members: Eochaid Bres
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Thierna Na Oge

The Conclave of Twelve is a ruling governmental body that officiates in the Atlantean city of Thierna Na Oge.


The Conclave is analogous to a President's cabinet or to members of Parliament, with an appointed King to lead them. Unlike modern terrestrial leaders, the Conclave appoints their rulers based upon ancient signs and the alleged wishes of their matron goddess, Dana.

All twelve members, including the king, are selected from a specific societal caste known as the Tuatha De Danann. The total number of Conclave members is likely based upon the astrological symbols of the Zodiac, an important element of their ancient mystical tradition. Members of the Conclave not only rule the community of Thierna Na Oge, but they are also responsible for the safekeeping of the Lia Fail one of the twelve original Zodiac Crystals, crafted by the powerful mages, Calculha and Majistra.

In recent years, the Conclave suffered a massive upset when the ambitious Eochaid Bres affected a coup against her sister, the king Nuada Silverhand. Bres convinced the Conclave that the goddess, Dana, looked unfavorably upon Nuada, and they stripped her of her power. The Conclave sentenced Nuada to death, and used their mystical prowess to command a fierce Firbolg known as Sreng to destroy her. Although Sreng mutilated the former king, Nuada survived and aligned herself with the Atlantean hero, Aquaman, to regain her throne. Nuada remains the king of Thierna Na Oge to this day, and the Conclave of Twelve continues to loyally serve her.


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