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The City of Dagon, also called simply Dagon, is a city-state founded and formerly ruled by Ocean Master made up of Atlantean mutants from Atlantis.[2]


Named after the mad king Dagon, Ocean Master founded the city-state and christened himself king once more, ruling over Atlantean mutants from the Ninth Tride displeased with Mera's reign and the Royal Council's disinterests in aiding them or have been changed by the nuclear waste from the "surface".[2]


The city-state is made up of Dagoians, Atlanteans whom are considered outcasts because of their mutant status and/or having undergone changes due to being victims of circumstances from the surface such as being exposed to nuclear waste or having been victims of those like Marine Marauder II, whom transformed others as part of her experiments.[2]

List of residents[]


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