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General Information
Real name: Charybdis
First Appearance: Aquaman Vol 5 #1 (August, 1994)
Created by: Peter David
Martin Engeland
Affiliations: The Society
The Seven Seas
Abilities: Amphibian
Superhuman Strength
Superhuman Agility
Superhuman Endurance
Power Absorption
Animal Telepathy


Charybdis conspired with his made-to-be wife, Scylla to kill Aquaman (His real partner Scylla supposedly died in a bomb explosion) by giving them code ENEMY AQUAMAN names. In doing so he used his metahuman powers to render Aquaman's ability to talk to fish, useless. He then puts his left hand in a Piranha infested pool. Aquaman escapes his hideout. He later used a machine to take Aquaman's powers. Charybdis changed his name to Pirahna-Man after the transfiguration. The result left his sanity in check and the abilities of Aquaman's fish communication.

In Infinite Crisis, Charybdis became a member of The Society

Powers and Abilities[]

Piranha Man has super human strength, agility, endurance, gills, sharpened teeth and can use them as a weapon. He can swim at up to 60 Miles per hour, absorb the abilities of other super humans, breathe in water as well as on land and able to control sea life. He is resistant to cold which is another adaptation to undersea life.

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