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Cave Carson
General Information
Real name: Calvin Carson
First Appearance: Brave and the Bold #31 (August, 1960)
Created by: Ed Herron
Bruno Premiani
Affiliations: Cave Carson Team
Forgotten Heroes
Shadow Fighters
Abilities: Leadership
Hand to Hand Combatant (Basic)
Professional Spelunker
Peak Human Strength
Peak Human Endurance
Portrayed by: None



Cave Carson was a young geologist fascinated by the underworld, who worked for the company E. Borsten & Sons during the construction of the Mighty Mole. After the project was canceled, Carson stole the machine and assembled a highly qualified team to help him in his explorations.

Accompanied by his team, Cave Carson dedicated his life to discovering the hidden secrets of the world under the earth, with the help of the Mighty Mole - a remarkable excavation machine invented by Cave and built with funds he had received as a result of their findings in the basement - Carson and his associates discovered the remains of ancient cities, lost civilizations and evolutionary throwbacks to various forms of alien life, all within the Earth.

Early Years[]

After his first expedition to the center of the earth, Carson and his team became famous adventurers, which made ​​the Borsten company the legal financier his expeditions. During an expedition, Cave found Nazis testing a time machine to bring Adolf Hitler into our time. Carson was able to stop their plans and save the gold reserves. Upon learning of the existence of time machine, the Borsten company took possession of the machine.

Over the years his team disbanded, Carson became lonely and moved to a tropical island where he continued his experiments, until he was called by the Omega Men to find Superman who had been taken hostage by the Mole. Carson found him and together they defeated the Mole.

Forgotten Heroes[]

Some time later, Cave accidentally discovered an ancient pyramid of gold that the government had classified secret, and thus was prohibited from continuing to explore. He and a group of heroes were recruited by the Immortal Man to halt this threat, which had been created by Vandal Savage to take over the world. After their defeat the Immortal Man suggested that they form a team to fight the strangest threats, this team went on to call themselves the Forgotten Heroes.

During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Immortal Man disappeared and the Forgotten Heroes disbanded soon after.

The War that Time Forgot[]

Cave Carson appeared as a youngster in the middle of World War II, fighting against the Kamikazes before Pearl Harbor was attacked. During the air battle, Carson's plane was hit and crashed on an island full of dinosaurs. On this island Carson met soldiers from World War II but from different timelines, after leaving the island Carson helped them return to their times.

Funding of the Time Masters[]

After these events Carson spent less time as an adventuring hero and found that he hardly missed it, so he started a new career as a professor of geology. He met Bonnie Baxter and entered into a relationship with her.

Once, Carson returned to his life of adventure, when Bonnie was recruited by Rip Hunter to become a time master. Carson joined the group in order to be with her. After the laboratory of Time Masters was destroyed by the Illuminati, the group relocated its base to the cave where Carson had lived underground. For a long time, Carson remained a spiritual mentor and sponsor of the team.

Joining in the Shadow Fighters[]

Eclipso's powers grew and he proclaimed himself the God of Vengeance. Amanda Waller, under orders from the government, assembled a team of heroes called the Shadow Fighters, including Cave Carson, to fight Eclipso in Parador, South America.

The team managed to halt Eclipso, but after a while it systematically killed every member of the team, which led to Carson's resignation.

New Forgotten Heroes[]

Later, Cave reformed the Forgotten Heroes to look for Mitch Selley, whom he believed was the reincarnation of the Immortal Man. Upon discovering that Mitch was not the Immortal Man, Carson invited him to be a member of the team during a fight Vandal Savage. The Forgotten Heroes remained semi-active under the leadership of Carson, banding together when the need rises.

Brand New Day[]

In search of the missing Sand, the Justice Society under the leadership of Dr. Fate were divided into two, one to go to the dream world to rescue his soul and the other with the help of Cave Carson, to recover his body.

Employee of Lex Corp[]

The Forgotten Heroes disbanded once again. In addition to being alone, Carson had run out of money for their expeditions and preferred to live a secluded life in the depths of the Earth. When using the Mighty Mole, Carson's machine broke because of an alien fungus consciousness, which he found to have spawned from LexCorp. Returning the surface he came face to face with Talia Head, CEO LexCorp who offered him a job in LexOil. Carson led LexOil to a deposit of oil under Central Asia, but found mutations within the oil. Fearing the alien consciousness, Carson warned Superman, who was able to stop the mining of oil by LexOil.

Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis[]

In Infinite Crisis, Cave Carson's name was mentioned on the News, about an earthquake hitting India and heading towards Japan.

In Final Crisis, Cave Carson was seen on TV with his Team, discovering an ancient drawing under the New York Subway Station. Cave Carson and his team are still looking for more caves and underground cities.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Hand to Hand Combatant (Basic)
  • Geologist
  • Professional Spelunker
  • Leadership
  • Peak Human Strength
  • Peak Human Endurance



  • Compact Lab
  • Oxygen Mask


  • Mighty Mole: The thermo-ray in the Mole's nose is capable of burning through solid rock like a hot knife through butter.

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In Other Media[]

  • In the 2010 Hero Clixs set called The Brave and The Bold, Cave Carson was part of the set which included a card detailing his appearance and his power range.